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My Journey as a Worshiper

Small but Important Beginnings

This journey of worship, music and song-writing began for me when I was 6 years old in the little piano room of Mrs O'Connor of Balheary, Swords, Co.Dublin. Every Wednesday after school my older sister Alison...


Your Life is His Masterpiece!

[audio m4a="" autoplay="true"][/audio] ('Faithful Hands' by Ruth Langran Camlin; © Copyright 2018)   Do you know that your life was designed and carefully planned by the most talented and renowned master craftsman: God Himself! I remember when I studied art for my Leaving Certificate exams, we were at times asked to create a painting. It wasn't just a matter of...

You are Mine (Soundcloud Track)

"You are Mine"

Before we were created in the womb the Lord knew us. He called us into relationship with Him and into a partnership like no other where we are guided into things above and beyond our hopes and dreams