When we come into relationship with God we enter into a beautiful partnership with a master craftsman. Together with Him we get to accomplish a work that deeply impacts the lives of all who look upon it. When God wants to create a masterpiece, He envisions it before bringing it into existence, just like He did with your life before you came to be. He is purposeful and intentional in everything He does and He calls us to be the same.God is calling you to set a vision for your life so that you can more purposefully and intentionally live each day and see every detail of His plans brought to completion. As you uncover the pages of this book, you will uncover and unlock the dreams down inside you. You will be guided in how to write a vision statement and make decisions that line up with that vision. Are you ready to enter a new level of fulfillment and impact in your life? Are you ready to plan for the fulfilment of those deep desires and dreams? If so, join Ruth Langran on this exciting and inspirational journey of experiencing the power of a God-given vision.

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Advertising my book "A God-given Vision"

Buy your copy of my book "A GOD-GIVEN VISION" today and discover more specifically God's plan for your life. Why not start 2018 off with great purpose and intention as you move towards the fulfillment of your God-given dreams!

Posted by Ruth Langran Camlin on Monday, January 8, 2018