Your Life is His Masterpiece!

Your Life is His Masterpiece!

(‘Faithful Hands’ by Ruth Langran Camlin; © Copyright 2018)


Do you know that your life was designed and carefully planned by the most talented and renowned master craftsman: God Himself!

I remember when I studied art for my Leaving Certificate exams, we were at times asked to create a painting. It wasn’t just a matter of getting some paints and brushes and applying that paint to a canvas. We were required to go away and do some detailed planning before even thinking about beginning the main project. We were to study the subject, prepare the materials and then begin to sketch lightly the outline for the image we would finally paint.

When we at last began to pour the paints and arrange them on the palette choosing a selection

of brushes that would be suitable for each part of the work, we held a great sense of confidence as we knew our preparation would pay off. We were aware that our unique designs would turn into something beautiful and satisfying and fulfil the requirements of what the teacher was looking for. Add in a bit of hidden artistic talent and a masterpiece could be created.

When it comes to the creation of a masterpiece that is the life of a human being how much more intricate and detailed the planning and designing behind it than just an average painting. I can just see God in His art studio doing the preparatory work, deciding on the colours of the personality of that person He is about to create and carefully laying out brushes of different sizes to suit the big and small areas of a person’s life. I can see colours that no human eye has ever seen, unusual paint mixes that suit the design of the individual and a soft yet confident application of the brush to the canvas as that first paint is applied.

You may have asked, where is God in my situation? Does He even care? What is the point in my life? Do I have a future or a hope? As you ask these questions I just see tears flow down the face of

the master craftsman as He stands gazing a the canvas that is your life, knowing that even before the world was created He knew about you and created a purpose for your life, smiling as He set to work. How then could He not care about your life? In fact, He is still in that art studio as the work continues and those area of the painting that until now have been unclear as to what they are becoming are being competed, perfected and beautified with new colours that bring beauty out of pain.

You are His masterpiece!

“Your life is a work of art that has the power to impact many for years to come!” (A God-given Vision by Ruth Langran Camlin)

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